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Power Recap: “I Call The Shots”


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Episode 9 begins with Ghost and Tommy having what seems to be a Summit meeting with neither of the 2 friends trusting each other.  Angela and Greg and still trying to find out who the leak is within the department, and Ruiz’s not long for this life.

  • Angela uses the burner phone to dial the most recent number listed.  While Sandoval answers the phone, helicopters can be heard in the background on both phones.  Angela’s close to the leak, she just doesn’t know how close.
  • Greg continues his crusade to take down Ghost and Tommy.
  • Tasha receives a call that Keisha hasn’t shown up for work.  Keisha’s not answering her phone.  We’re left to wonder if Tommy sent her away or killed her as Milan instructed.
  • Ruiz is playing both sides.  Short changing Milan on the money, while brokering a meeting on behalf of Ghost while wearing a recorder for Greg.
  • Ghost and Angie grow farther and farther apart with Angie going back to the arms of Greg and Ghost and Tasha falling into each other’s arms unexpectedly in a moment of passion.
  • Ghost plants drugs at his rival’s club and sets up a sting operation to end their Karen Bassett relationship.
  • Milan knows all of Ghost’s moves, placing Tommy’s life in danger with Milan.  Despite Tommy’s pleading Ghost continues his plan with Ruiz without telling Tommy the whole story.
  • Kanan continues to increase his influence on Tariq, encouraging him to steal a pair of Jordans.
  • Ghost’s and Tasha’s passionate moment has a beautiful song playing in the background with Tasha seemingly forgiving all of Ghost’s transgressions.  Following their moment of passion, Ghost tells Tasha that Ruiz is helping him take down Milan.  This puts moves in motion that will end Ruiz’s life as Tasha calls Tommy to inform him of Ghost’s plan.  Ghost has no allies at the moment as Dre even assists Tommy with Ruiz’s body.
  • Greg, knowing the phone number to the Leak’s burner phone, sees Sandoval coming out of Hugo’s apartment after a search mission.  Greg’s now close to the truth.

As Tommy is killing Ruiz, he tells him that Ghost did it to him.  Tommy meets Ghost at Truth to inform him that he killed Ruiz.  Ghost is panicked that his plan has been thwarted.  He informs Tommy that he wants out, and he’ll get his wish one way or another.  Tommy informs Ghost that “I Call The Shots” regarding coming up with a plan to take out Milan.  Tommy returns to Milan to inform him that they need to kill Ghost.  One more episode for Season 3.  The finale should be riveting.