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Power Season 3 Finale Recap: “In My Best Interest”


Season 3’s Finale of “Power” goes out with a bang in more ways than one and we still don’t know if Keisha is alive.  The episode begins the Agent Greg Knox finding out about Ruiz’s murder and immediately going to the crime scene to retrieve the recording of Ruiz’s meeting with Milan as well as Tommy murdering him.  Ghost continues to be off his game in this episode as he leaves evidence at a crime scene and his son Tariq gets deeper into Kanan’s world.

  • Agent Knox has the goods on Tommy and Ghost but it’s not admissible.  He also knows that Sandoval is the leak, but makes the dire mistake of confronting him, leaving Sandoval to kill him.  So, for all the Greg haters, he’s gone for good.
  • Tommy continues to work with Milan, giving him the impression that he’ll eventually kill Ghost.
  • Ghost comes up with the smart idea to break into Greg’s apartment looking for evidence.  Upon entering the apartment he finds Angela’s underwear on the bed, and almost encounters Angela as she shows up looking for Greg.  All is well until Ghost leaves his finger print on the outside window.
  • Officer Knox stopped Ghost on the street and correctly informed him that Angela would burn him for breaking her heart, and returning to Tasha.
  • Kanan continues to school Tariq on the “street life.”  Even testing him to make a drug drop.  This is where things become interesting as Jukebox resurfaces, which isn’t a good thing.  Juke wants to kidnap Tariq and kill him, which doesn’t appear to be Kanan’s ultimate plan.
  • MJ calls the Lobos investigation closed, suspecting that Greg Knox was the leak.   Angela’s not buying it, and continues her own investigation.
  • Ghost meets Angela at their favorite diner.  Ghost tries to pull “Angie” back into his clutches, but she suspects that he killed Greg.  Angela ventures back to the scene of the crime, and picks up Ghost’s finger print from the exterior window.
  • In a moment of levity, Officer Saxe propositions Angela.  Everyone in the Bureau wants a piece of Angela.
  • Jukebox discovers that Ghost is ballin’.  A ransom is in the air for Tariq, then killing him according to Jukebox.
  • Ghost hold his big party at Truth for the Bassett’s.  Operation take down Milan is in play with Ghost, Tommy, Tasha and Dre all in on the plan.  Tommy and Ghost proceed to kill Milan.  Little does Ghost know that Tommy, being the new connect still plans to run drugs in his clubs.
  • Tasha returns home looking for Tariq.  Her world is turned upside down when she receives a texted picture with Tariq knocked out cold and Kanan’s arm hugged up on her son.  Operation kidnap Tariq is in full effect.
  • Ghost returns to Truth, seeing Angela arriving at the club, and thinking that a reunion is occurring. Angela has other plans, arresting Ghost for the murder of Officer Greg Knox.  Ghost is walked out of his own club with everyone looking.  How humiliating!  I guess love doesn’t conquer all in the case of Ghost and Angela.

Season 3 of “Power” was excellent.  Arguably the best show on television.  Can’t wait to see what drama Season 4 brings to this great show.