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President Barack Obama States That He Would’ve Been Re-Elected


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President Barack Obama told his former campaign manager David Axelrod that he would’ve beaten President-Elect Donald Trump and won a third term in Axelrod’s “Axe Files” Podcast.  Of course the issue here is that our President served his requisite allowed 2 terms under our country’s bylaws.  This conversation is really meaningless, and disrespects the campaign of Hillary Clinton, which may have been the point of mentioning the topic at all.  President Obama campaigned hard for Clinton, but in the end she was a flawed candidate.  While President Obama has been a flawed President (all Presidents are flawed), he’s likable and a great campaigner.

President Obama states that he’ll spend his post presidency developing future Democratic Party leaders.  He’ll need all of his leadership skills because in the span of 8 years, he lost Democratic leadership in all major categories leaving the party worst off than when he ascended to the presidency according to the New York Post.