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Is Chicago Violence The New Normal?


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As 2016 concludes, we’ve had too many celebrity deaths to count, from Prince to Muhammad Ali.  While these icons have garnered justified adulation from the media, the calamity that continues to take place in Chicago simply goes on and on without any solution to the shootings and murder rate.  The New York Post reports that year to date there have been 4,334 shootings in Chicago this year or one every two hours.  The Post reports that with policing efforts in high crime areas reduced that crime has increased proportionately.  The majority of the shootings have involved African-Americans, which begs to question: Is this the new normal in Black America?

Something has to be done to combat the crime in all Urban areas.  In the 80s we lost a generation to the drug trade, the 2010s is sadly becoming the decade of losing a generation to unnecessary violence.  Let’s make an effort to better.