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President Barack Obama’s Farewell!


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President Barack Obama gave his farewell speech last night in his adopted hometown of Chicago before an audience of about 18,000 supporters.  The President touted his major accomplishments during the speech and told the nation that “Yes We Can and Yes We Did.”  President Obama can be proud of the of the economy, but there are still major issues on his watch: Obamacare and high crime.

President Obama’s signature legislation is Obamacare and Republicans have vowed to repeal it as soon as possible.  While tens of millions now have health insurance, the health care system has been turned on it’s axis with carriers no longer offering coverage and deductibles increasing.  It’s appropriate that the President gave his speech in the city with some of the highest murder rates in the country, and his former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago in the audience admiring the proceedings.  President Barack Obama’s legacy has yet to be written, he’s young enough to still have a major impact on national politics, so his legacy gets an Incomplete at the present time.