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Is Donald Trump Creating Political Chaos by Feuding With John Lewis?


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President-elect Donald Trump is 5 days away from being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States and he’s creating feud on top of feud with his perceived political enemies.  Congressman John Lewis from Georgia created a firestorm when he told “Meet The Press” that Trump is not a legitimate president and that he wouldn’t be attending the inauguration on this coming Friday.  Trump sent out tweets lambasting Lewis’ Atlanta district as being crime infested.

Donald Trump is used to getting his way in all matters related to his businesses.  Politics is a different endeavor and he’s already experiencing challenges with the media and his political adversaries.  President Barack Obama wasn’t great at creating compromise along party lines, and it appears that Donald Trump will not attempt to be conciliatory and will create nothing but chaos.  His one advantage is Party control of the House and Senate, but if he’s creating chaos within his own party, we’re in for 4 years of total political chaos.