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No Defense, No Rings For Cavaliers!

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The Cleveland Cavaliers has been basking in the championship euphoria all year with an inconsistent season that has seen star forward LeBron James lament about the team being “top heavy.”  Injuries to Kevin Love and JR Smith have impacted the teams depth and consistent player rotations.  Derrick Williams, Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut were recently added to the team to improve depth, but it takes a while for a team to form a cohesive chemistry.  Bogut went down last night after only 58 seconds of play which James labeled as “deflating.”  Something is going on with Channing Frye, because his play just isn’t the same.  Perhaps it’s the addition of Kyle Korver that’s thrown off is play, although Frye can be excused as he’s lost both parents this season.

With all of the changes that The Cavs has incurred this season, nothing beats effort on the defensive end of the court.  Last night the Miami Heat was doing what they wanted to do in raining threes all night.  The Cavaliers will not get that second ring without effort and defense.  As much as I love Kyrie Irving, and he’s a magnificent offensive player, his defense leaves a lot to be desired.  It remains to be seen if the Cavs has what it takes to put in the effort to win that second championship.  Players are fine but chemistry and effort are equally important for any team.