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Adam Silver Needs To Get Control of The “Resting Issue”!


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I was cool with NBA teams resting players as necessary, but that cool reached a crescendo on Saturday night when Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue decided to “rest” his 3 stars: LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, in the first game of a back to back slate against the Los Angeles Clippers.  The shady part of the whole situation is that Lue played the trio in the game against the perceived easier team on Sunday night, the Los Angeles Lakers.  When LeBron James stated that there was nothing the league could do, I knew Commissioner Adam Silver had to do something about this shady situation.

Silver has put all teams on notice that the present situation isn’t acceptable and won’t be tolerated any longer.  I’m sure an incensed Silver was on the phone with Michelle Roberts, the Executive Direction of the NBA’s Players Association, as well as Chris Paul, the President of the Association.  While the players are the draw of the league, if fans decide to revolt on the product, the league will suffer exponentially from a money standpoint.  Television ratings are what drove the billion dollar influx of money into the league and likewise record average salaries.  NBA players need to give the fans an honest effort instead of sitting on the bench in warm ups laughing and trying to impersonate the latest dance move.