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Seth Williams Just Couldn’t Stay Clean!

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Seth Williams became the first Black District Attorney of Philadelphia in January, 2010.  His salary of $175,000 a year would be considered very good money, but not money that’s will allow you to dangle girl friends on the side, buy fancy furniture, and purchase plush seating at sporting events.  $175,000 will allow you to live a middle class lifestyle in Philadelphia.  Seth Williams upon taking the job as District Attorney, obviously wanted the trappings of the rich, and was willing to cut all corners imaginable to attain the status, including taking money from his mother’s social security earnings to keep up appearances.

Williams was indicted Tuesday on federal charges of bribery and fraud in a 23 count indictment.  The whole situations is sad and sordid, and when Williams decided not to seek reelection in January everyone should’ve know something was amiss. reports that Williams plead not guilty yesterday and will of course fight the charges.  Williams is in major trouble and has caused dishonor to his entire office.  If he wanted all of the trapping of the rich, he should’ve gone into private practice, but Williams decided to “play the 50” and played both ends of the political spectrum.  His play backfired on him in a major way and it looks like he’ll go down in Philly lore as another corrupt politician, which is a shame.