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Jesse Williams Getting Divorced!


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Sandra Rose turned me onto this juicy gossip, courtesy of Blind Gossip.  The Blind Item is shown below:



[Blind Gossip] What better place to spy a scandalous new celebrity couple than in the romantic city of Paris?

Last week this actor and actress were in Paris, holding hands and strolling along in the 6th arrondissement.

We walked along with them for almost three blocks in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. They were trying to be incognito. He was wearing a hoodie and she was wearing a cap but I recognized them immediately. He looked a little tense and was trying hard not to be noticed. She looked very happy and content. They were holding hands and being very romantic. They were definitely acting like a couple!

She is a beautiful actress who has dated at least a half dozen famous men. She dated a ball player for many years and was recently linked to the that slimy actor who is more handy with his mouth than his fidelity.

You might know this actor by certain parts of his anatomy, like his beautiful eyes. He is on a very popular Thursday night TV show. The only thing you need to know about his relationship history is that he is MARRIED.

A Google search will give you all types of interesting information and I immediately discovered that actor Jesse Williams, one of the stars of Greys Anatomy is divorcing his wife.  Williams made headlines last year at the “BET Awards” with his black empowerment speech.  Williams, who is biracial is free to date and marry as he pleases, but it’ll be interesting to see what the “Sisters” say when they discover that he’s divorcing his wife and has been seen with the beautiful Ms. Kelly.