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Is Doc Rivers At A Crossroads?


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Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers could be coaching for his job tomorrow as he tries to keep his team in contention in its series with the Utah Jazz.  Rivers is an NBA Championship coach who navigated the team through the Donald Sterling fiasco keeping the team mentally engaged in it’s quest for a championship. In addition to being the coach of the team, Rivers is also the team president and makes personnel decisions.  He’s made a few miscalculations along the way to the 2017 playoffs.

Rivers tends to fall in love with his players instead of being detached and objective about the player’s future contributions to the team.  When DeAndre Jordan was being courted by the Dallas Mavericks a couple of seasons ago, Rivers should’ve let him leave.  While Jordan is a decent defensive center, he’s limited offensively.  Rivers also signed his son Austin Rivers, essentially saving his career but Austin makes $11 million a year and he’s not worth it.  Rivers the president has also failed to add shooters and depth to the team and the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets has surpassed the Clippers and have bright futures with young stars.  Doc Rivers the President has unfortunately failed Doc Rivers the coach.  Owner Steve Ballmer will have the decision of possibly replacing one or both positions for his team if another playoffs flameout occurs tomorrow.