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Why Is LeBron James Playing The Best Basketball of His Career?


LeBron James is playing the best basketball of his career in his 14th year of NBA basketball.  He’s already played more minutes in his career than many of the legends that he’s chasing for immortality.  Why now is the star forward of the Cleveland Cavaliers playing the best basketball of his career?  Is it possible that James has only been scratching the surface of his vast potential for the past 13 years and simply teasing his fans?  Has he simply found a new fountain of youth?

The simple answer could be that by finally bringing that elusive championship to Cleveland, James is finally at peace with his talent and playing with a calm that’s allowing him to bring out all of his basketball talent.  Comparisons to the GOAT Michael Jordan don’t seem far fetched.  If LeBron James can lead to Cavaliers to a championship over the prohibitive favorite Golden State Warriors, we may not be crazy if we mention LeBron James and Michael Jordan in the same sentence as the greatest basketball players of all time.