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LeBron James Talks Racism!

LeBron James talks racism with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols in response to the gate of his home in Los Angeles being spray painted with the N-Word as reported by TMZ.  James references Emmett Till in his comments, who was lynched and murdered in Mississippi in 1955 at 14 for being Black and having the audacity to speak to a Caucasian woman.  His mother held an open casket funeral to show the public the brutality of racism at the time.  The sad thing about Till’s murder was the fact that the alleged killers were acquitted of the crime.

Fast forward over 60 years and a celebrated African American athlete who’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars has to be subjected to the ignorance of racial hostility.  Perhaps James’ is correct in stating that racism will always have a place in our society.  It’s a sad commentary on our country in 2017.