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Derek Fisher Arrested For Suspected DUI After Car Crash!

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Former NBA player and New York Knicks basketball coach Derek Fisher was arrested this morning for suspicion of DUI after flipping his 2015 Caldillac on a LA highway according to the New York Post.  Fisher’s girlfriend Gloria Govan was a passenger in the vehicle, and luckily no one was injured.  Fisher most recently has been making appearances on NBA TV’s basketball coverage, so it’ll be interesting to see how this incident will affect future employment prospects.

This is the second suspicion of DUI incident in a week for high profiled athletes.  Everyone should know that Uber or Lyft can be a life saver, and vehicles can be parked and picked up later.  Fisher and Govan both have small children, thankfully they’re both safe after this incident but common sense needs to exercised in the future before driving a car after drinking.