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Ridiculous Race Talk Must Be Good For Business!

Jason Whitlock was once a respected sports writer who wrote from a conscious perspective when it came to race in sports.  Google his past articles and the man is talented and has mad skills.  He often comes from a quirky perspective, but it’s often thought provoking.  Whitlock has become somewhat of a nomad in the last 5 years, but every new job has been better than the next.  Now he’s the co-host with Colin Cowherd of the show “Speak For Yourself” on Fox Sports.  Whitlock’s signature look on the show is to wear a fedora hat, and say ridiculous things in the process to garner ratings.  This past Thursday Whitlock took his often controversial opinions on race to a new level when he commented on LeBron James Los Angeles home being spray painted with the N Word.  Whitlock opined that being rich shields James from racism and that the incident is simply an inconvenience for the basketball star.  Whitlock surmised that only the poor can be impacted by racism which is asinine and preposterous.

It’s never recommended to peer into another man’s pockets, but one can assume that Jason Whitlock is a millionaire.  It appears that his wealth has clouded his view on what it means to be Black in America.  While it’s true that poverty is a direct result of racism in America, wealth doesn’t make a black person immune to racist treatment.  Dr. Michel Eric Dyson on “The Breakfast Club” radio show this past Friday, focused on the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. was an upper middle class black man who gave up the majority of his $200,000 annual salary to fund the civil rights movement.  It’s hard to fathom that Jason Whitlock really believes what he’s saying on his show, one can only surmise that Ridiculous Race Talk is Good for Business!