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Dan Gilbert and David Griffin Part Ways In Cleveland!

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert essentially fired general manager David Griffin yesterday after the two differed on the direction of the team.  Since Gilbert is the owner and writes the checks of course he had the last word on the matter.  Reports are that Griffin worked until 6 pm yesterday and was attempting to make deals with other teams prior to being let go.  This move sets up the end of the LeBron James era in Cleveland as James wasn’t consulted on Griffin’s departure.  James showed Griffin major love on twitter as shown below:

It’s been rumored that James is looking to move to Los Angeles after his contract is up next year.  It appears that Dan Gilbert doesn’t want to gut the team for LeBron James to leave and the Cavaliers hitting rock bottom.  While Gilbert and James relationship has been one of convenience, Dan Gilbert is taking back control of his team.  Chaos in Cleveland reigns supreme!