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Colin Kaepernick Made His Decision!

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Colin Kaepernick made a bold decision regarding his career last year when he decided to take a knee to protest inequality for minorities.  That decision coupled with his mediocre performance appears to have ended his career as an NFL quarterback.  Critics such as Ray Lewis have recommended that Kaepernick contain his views to what he knows best and what pays his bills, playing football.  The reality for Kaepernick is that NFL owners don’t want the headache of controversy in the locker room.  From a performance standpoint, Colin Kaepernick is a back up quarterback, and if an NFL wants to take a chance on him, it has to come without the protest baggage.

If Colin Kaepernick really wants to continue his career, I would recommend sitting down with Megyn Kelly as an example.  He’s going to have to convince billionaire owners that he’s non controversial and can be an asset to a team.  Also, stay off social media and perform his philanthropic duties in silence for the time being.