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Chris Paul Pulls A Boss Move!

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Chris Paul, All-star point guard now of the Houston Rockets pulled a boss move yesterday by accepting a trade to move from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Rockets.  There are numerous reports concerning why Paul sought a change of venue from the team he played for over 6 years.  One report is that the Clippers were reluctant to give Paul a 5 year deal, another report was that Paul simply wanted to play with James Harden.  The most scathing report centers on Chris Paul losing faith in his coach Doc Rivers due to his treatment of his son Austin, and a failed Carmelo Anthony trade that included Austin Rivers.

Chris Paul made the best move for him.  The Clippers was treading water and going nowhere.  At 32 he only has a few prime years left, and the Houston Rockets give him the best opportunity for success.