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Venus Williams Fighting To Win Wimbledon While Dealing With Tragedy!

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Tennis star Venus Williams is competing at Wimbledon this week, trying to win her sixth championship at the All England Club.  Venus is also dealing with the pain of a car accident that she was involved in on June 8th in which a passenger in the other car, Jerome Barson, died 13 days after the crash.  Williams has been deemed responsible for the accident and now facing a wrongful death lawsuit.  Ever the professional, Williams took questions from the press after her first round match, and when the accident was mentioned she was overcome by emotion and had to leave the podium before returning and completing the interview.

Venus Williams appears to be dealing with her personal tragedy as well as any person in the public can handle it.  She’s competing for another championship, while showing the utmost remorse for the Barson family and their loss.  This is why Venus Williams is a champion.