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Chicago Is Officially A War Zone!

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Chicago is officially a war zone after the violence that erupted over the July 4th holiday.  The city had 102 shootings with 15 deaths based on a report from Eyewitness News 7 in Chicago.  The disturbing part of this trend is that the city staffed an additional 1,300 police officers prior to the weekend and it still didn’t make a difference.  President Donald Trump has vowed to assist by sending federal troops into the city, but there doesn’t appear to be any easy answers to curb the violence in America’s 3rd largest city.  The Chicago situation continues to be America’s biggest tragedy if this decades old trend can’t be solved.  Innocent children are losing their lives without the opportunity to even begin to live.

Poverty has to be the root cause of the violence with gangs fighting over territories, but gang violence has been curtailed in urban areas in the past.  Why is Chicago so different?  That’s the billion dollar question.  Hopefully, someone will have an answer one day.