The Myke View has been my dream for about 7 years.  I originally began my blogging career under EbonyReport,  partnered with a would be web developer, had him to register the name and of course I lost control of it.  My final posts under Ebony Report were over 2 years ago.   I’m throwing my hat back in the blogging ring again.  A lot has changed in 2 years, one of my favorite blogs is now XONecole, my Pop Culture blogs are still going strong like Sandra Rose, and I’ve discovered Baller Alert and The Jasmine Brand.  I’ll carve out my own individual niche in the blogosphere, and add some good content.

Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, I have an affinity to the Urban Life and the issues that still exist all these many years after I left the city.  Life in Urban America is worse now than it’s ever been, with poverty and poor schools being the primary factors impacting the decadence.

A few observations from and about me:

  • I love sports, music, and pop culture.
  • A devout LeBron James fan, I’m so happy the Cavaliers ended the 52 year drought.
  • A huge Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis fan, the music production team can do no wrong.
  • Earth, Wind and Fire is the greatest band of all time and Aretha and Luther the best female and male singers in my opinion.
  • I don’t deal with the Kards, but respect Kanye.
  • Technology is the great equalizer economically and black folks need to embrace it or be left farther behind.
  • Chris Brown was the next coming of Michael, but now he’s just Chris, which is OK.
  • Rihanna is a great entertainer and marketer.  She just enjoys everything about her life.
  • DJ Khaled is another talented artist who enjoys life.
  • Beyonce is the Queen and Jay Z the King.
  • Since we no longer produce bands, please see Mint Condition in your lifetime.

Let’s take this ride together, generate some provocative discussion and have some fun at the same time.